Step 2: Pick A Service Level

Step 2: Pick A Service Level

What kind of elopement would you like?

Got your marriage license? Great! Now let’s pick a level of service! An elopement can be something as simple as a license signing at one of our locations, a small gathering in a park, or as comprehensive as a custom-written ceremony in a location that’s special to you. Below are the most common ways we work with our couples:

  • Elopement at Officiant’s Location: $100.

    We perform simple ceremonies in Northport, Old Bethpage, Westbury, and Glen Cove, with other Officiant locations sometimes possible.

    For these elopement ceremonies, you come to one of our locations, we ask a few questions about content and then improvise a brief ceremony from our experience. If you just want the five sentences that make you legally married, we can do that as well!

    We mark off a half hour of time on the calendar and you are in and out in 15 min. For this service you can have 1 or 2 witnesses come with you.

  • Unscripted Ceremony at Local Park or Gazebo Elopement: Starting at $150.

    Our officiants have their own favorite local spots that they love to use for elopements. Some of our favorite locations include the gazebos in Northport or Roslyn, Bethpage State Park and more. Each has its own charm and, on weekdays, most are free to use (no permit needed). With most public parks, you can have as many people there as you like. For these ceremonies, we mark off 1 hour of time to allow for some wiggle room, ask a few questions about content and then improvise a brief ceremony from our experience.

    This service is $150 (Monday through Thursday) or $250 with limited availability (Friday through Sunday).

    Some locations may require permits on weekends, have fees for entrance and are not available to non residents.

    Note: The fee is so low because you are hiring us for a very short and specific period of time. Because of this, late fees are $50 per every 15 minutes past our scheduled start time.

  • Unscripted Ceremony at Other Location Elopements: From $250 and up.

    Long Island is ripe with beautiful ocean-front beaches, arboretums, private churches, parks, restaurants and more! If you can imagine it, it’s most-likely possible to marry you there if you’re willing to ask permission, get a permit, or pay a small fee. Other locations are absolutely an option. Call for a quote. As always, the fee only reflects the real time taken up on the calendar that you are asking for.

Don’t see something here that fits your situation? Drop us a line! We’d love to talk with you about making your elopement happen exactly the way you imagine it!

Now that you know HOW you’d like to get married, it’s time for STEP 3!

CLICK HERE to find out about picking your date and saying “I do!”

“Our officiant was absolutely amazing. She was personal and made us feel so comfortable and she answered any questions I had. Definitely recommend!”

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You’re one step closer to happily ever after…

When you come for a simple elopement or license signing at one of our officiant locations.